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Chocolate + Collagen

This decadent mix of rich cacao and fresh coconut milk,cashew and topped with allulose chocolate chips for a little crunch will definitely treat your sweet tooth! This pint is churned to perfection, featuring our collagen pixie dust, plus forty eight grams of protein, it is sure to leave you feeling beautiful and satisfied.


Turmeric + Ginger

The most extravagant flavor of the bunch, this flavor combines the powerful ginger root with the magical turmeric powder for a bold flavor, and audacious health benefits. Churned up with our fresh coconut milk, and topped with fresh ginger bits, this pint is sure to keep you coming back for more.

Strawberry + Probiotic

This juicy blend of fresh strawberries, chia seeds, and our probiotic pixie dust is sure to leave you feeling radiant inside and out. Mixed with our fresh coconut milk and cashew, this pint is jam packed with healthy goodness!

Vanilla + Collagen

Our own twist on the classic and delicious vanilla flavor, this pint features our special collagen pixie dust for a simple sweet glow up. Churned with organic vanilla, our fresh coconut milk, cashew and a healthy dose of chia seeds, this flavor serves as a perfect pairing to toppings and treats.

Coconut + Aloe vera

Our luscious coconut combination will have you feeling cuckoo for coconuts! Churned up with our fresh coconut milk and cashew, natural coconut flakes and our aloe vera pixie dust, this pint is loaded with nutrients and flavor that will help you feel totally refreshed.

The first of its kind, a functional ice cream that is delicious too! Full of good intentions and a little magic


Miami, FL USA


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