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This is the smile behind every pint!

After many years of struggling with a constant weight battle, and trying every trick in the book, in 2019 Oly discovered the true cause of her inability to lose weight was Hashimoto's Disease.

Her body attacking itself, slowing down her abilities to stay within a healthy range. Soon after came the discovery that with her particular case, she wasn't allowed to eat almost anything within her diet...even the healthy stuff was detrimental!

Through extensive trial and error, she discovered the perfect balance of foods she could consume, however a small gap remained in her desserts... at all. She tried those other "healthy" ice creams, but they all had ingredients she couldn’t have, and many tasted less than great.

Simultaneously, Oly discovered that her mom,

Abuela Olivia, was having severe hallucinations at bedtime, these were significantly worse than nightmares.

Through thorough research Oly discovered that when her mother had too much sugar it impacted her brain negatively, so she simply made her quit desserts altogether.

But Abuela Olivia was stubborn... constantly sneaking around to get a sweet taste.

That's when the idea struck! Someone had to make an ice cream that was not only delicious, but also beneficial to our health and wellbeing without the use of conventional unhealthy ingredients.

So, she took matters into her own hands and started churning.

Alas, on December 2019 in Miami FL, Guudy was born!

GUUDY CORP 6960 NW 2nd Ave. Miami, Fl 33150

Behind every pint, there
is a pair of hands with good intentions