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Guudy Ice Cream

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A Healthy ice cream that is delicious too!

Full of good intentions, and a little magic, Guudy Ice Cream is one that actually delivers nutritional benefits to you.


Each of our pints is loaded with one of our four functional ingredients that deliver nutritional benefits straight to you. Collagen • Aloe Vera • Probiotic • Turmeric

portion control

Guudy treats are keto, and diabetic friendly with no sugar, gluten and non-gmo ingredients to deliver health to the whole family.



Pedro Reinaldo García

Nutritionist at Gatorade Venezuela

I loved the rich taste and texture of fresh strawberries in the Strawberry + Probiotic, and I was totally surprised by the Chocolate + Collagen flavor. The chocolate chips hidden within were super cool


Mary Farley

Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor

Betty & I loved the Strawberry + Probiotic, the Coconut + Aloe Vera, and the Ginger + Turmeric. We are crazy for these amazing flavors!


Maria cardozo

Health coach

No les puedo explicar lo rico que está este helado, tiene varios sabores todos con base de leche de coco, saludables sin azúcar

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